North American Studies at Cologne
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The Modules



1 Literary & Cultural Studies


This core module deals with American literature and culture from its colonial beginnings to the present. The focus is set on the analysis of artistic, aesthetic and cultural practices [text, image, sound]. The module also features the theoretical frameworks for such analyses [literary, media, and cultural theory]. The aim is to provide you with the expertise to perform independent and informed work within the diverse fields of North American Studies.



2 History & Society


The various classes of this module introduce you to the historical dimensions of the societies of Canada, the U.S., and the Caribbean. Concentrating on political history, social and economic history, gender history, intellectual history, and film history, you will acquire methods and techniques to research and interpret historical documents. Special attention will be given to recent debates on methodology and theory within the field of historiography.


3 Postcolonial Studies


Focusing on the societies of Canada , the U.S. , and the Caribbean , the seminars and lectures of this module will convey detailed knowledge of central theoretical approaches and key concepts as well as current research questions within the field of Postcolonial Studies. Classes will engage with questions of colonial history and (post-) colonial literatures, exploring the full range of the postcolonial archive, including literature, film, music, and philosophy.




This module consists of three colloquia that focus on comparative and methodological aspects of North American Studies. They provide a platform to discuss individual research interests, allow you to position yourself within the academic field, and to develop your MA thesis project continuously from an early stage onward.